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  • Robots are going to take your job

    Posted on December 06 2016

    Analysts at global investment manager Bernstein believe the "age of industrialization is coming to an end," with robots set to destroy manufacturing jobs globally. That may not sound seismic. After...
  • A new standard in Robotics

    Posted on November 21 2016

    A new standard in robotics November 18, 2016 Credit: Yale University On the wall of Aaron Dollar's office is a poster for R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots), the 1920 Czech play...
  • An Alexa robot for your car

    Posted on November 19 2016

    This $49 Dashbot robot is like Amazon Alexa for your carA Kickstarter campaign for the bot has raised over $61,000 in 24 hoursThe hands-free Dashbot is powered by artificial intelligence...
  • Open AI and Elon Musk

    Posted on November 17 2016

    Elon Musk Helps Launch OpenAI, Non-Profit Dedicated to Artificial IntelligenceWhat It IsOpenAI was just introduced to the world. It is a non-profit artificial intelligence research company that has a rather...
  • My Robot Overlord

    Posted on April 07 2016

    Welcome to My Robot Overlord   We love everything about Robots, A.I., SciFi, Space, etc. In this blog we will post all the information we find from across the Universe...

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