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Robots are going to take your job

Posted on 06 December 2016

Analysts at global investment manager Bernstein believe the "age of industrialization is coming to an end," with robots set to destroy manufacturing jobs globally.

That may not sound seismic. After all, the industrial revolution happened hundreds of years ago and manufacturing jobs have been the minority of all jobs in the West for decades. But Bernstein is arguing that the nature of capitalism is undergoing a fundamental change.

Analysts Michael W. Parker and Alberto Moel argue that Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, the foundational textbooks of economics, is becoming redundant because of two trends: the rise of robotics and China's modernising economy.

Parker and Moel say Smith's book, published in 1776, "remained broadly relevant to capital allocation decisions globally" for the last 240 years but is fast becoming out of date. They say:

More at the link:    http://www.businessinsider.com/bernstein-china-robots-and-the-end-of-adam-smiths-wealth-of-nations-2016-12

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